Maundy Thursday — When Men Betray

This day is remembered for betrayals, denials, abandonments, and loss. So much so that we forget the message that is handed out at the last supper — a promise of eternal love, forever presence, and forgiveness.

Having written a novel about betrayal, “When Men Betray”, does not make me an expert on betrayal, but just about every life encounters betrayals, denials, and abandonments on a frequent basis. I think that’s why the stories of Judas, Peter, and the sleeping disciples ring so true.

One need only to open up the paper to read about politicians abandoning promises and principles to get reelected. Ballplayers remain loyal only to the team and city that offers them the most cash. Marriage vows are abandoned at alarming rates. I could go on and and on. We all have betrayed and been betrayed. We all have denied, and been denied. We all have abandoned and been abandoned.

That is why we all need the true message of Maundy Thursday. In the dark times of our life we are recipients on unequivocal and unending love. God will never betray, deny, or abandon us. God is always there to forgive and welcome us with loving arms no matter what our story.

About the author

Webb Hubbell, former Associate Attorney General of the United States, is an author and lecturer. His novels, When Men Betray, Ginger Snaps, and A Game Of Inches, are published by Beaufort Books and are available online, in your local bookstore, or you can order autographed copies at When Men Betray won one of the IndieFab awards for best novel in 2014. Ginger Snaps Won the IPPY Awards Gold Medal for best suspense/thriller.

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