There Was A Wedding and Boy, What a Wedding It Turned out To Be

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there. — John 2:1

Most of my readers are familiar with what is described as Jesus’s first miracle where he turned water into wine at his mother’s insistence.

Have you ever wondered why this miracle comes first? Had his mother known he had this ability from prior experience, or did she know much more? Well I don’t know why John places this miracle first, certainly other miracles had greater impact — feeding thousands, healing the blind, raising people from the dead, but I have a thought.

Perhaps John wanted to show us that God blesses occasions of joy, that he is not just present when we are in crisis, but during the good times as well, and that all the things that a marriage ceremony represents — love, friendship, neighborhood, food and drink, are to be enjoyed and cherished.

But what happens when the wine runs out — when conviviality runs dry and friendship and love turns sour. God is also there to provide during those times as well. He wants our joy and celebration to continue, and he will provide. This story tells us that the resources to continue the celebration are at hand and in our midst. The story tells us not to panic.

God is already a guest at our party–our life–and he has already scoped out where the resources can be found. The celebration after the wine runs out will be even greater than before. Haven’t you found that to be true? God saves the best wine for last. I know in my life that is true.

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