Mt. St. Helens

Editors Note: We are in Oregon visiting Tom and Casey so regular postings may be a little delayed. We are soaking in Sufi wisdom, wonderful weather and scenery, and most importantly absorbing friendship at its highest level.

Yesterday we visited and hiked around Mt. Saint Helens. Talk about unlikely. In 1980, the top two thousand feet of a mountain blew up, over 500 square miles of landscape was decimated, huge boulders were sent flying for miles at speeds exceeding 300 miles per hour, etc. Now almost 33 years later, one is starting to see the beginning of the landscape returning in places, and within the crater created by the massive explosion a new lava cap is forming that is already over 1000 feet high.

One cannot view this phenomena without realizing that God’s creation is still occurring. I also wonder at the visual evidence that we are only tenants of a living breathing planet. We may think we are in control, but we are really not. Even Warren Buffett’s wealth can’t do anything to affect the  evolution of our planet.

I was humbled many, many times yesterday, and recommend if you have the opportunity you visit the magnificent mountain only an hour’s drive from Portland. As you meditate this morning, take a moment to marvel at nature — whether it be a mountain and an explosion so large one must see to understand or believe or a beautifully adorned butterfly that may land on your knee in a park or may land on my hand while I view Mt. St. Helens. Yes, God has not only sent wildflowers to cover the land scorched by the volcano, but he has sent butterflies back as well.

Enjoy your day. W.


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