The Earth Is Flat and Gravity and Space Are Hoaxes

The Flat Earth International Conference is coming to the research triangle in North Carolina this November. (That is unless the NC legislature restricts their bathroom use.).

 Courtesy of Ginger Parra

Although alternative theories about the planet’s shape vary within the flat earth community, most contend that the earth is a disc surrounded by an ice wall, otherwise known as Antartica, and the sun and moon are lighted orbs that move around the dome.

I know Luis says that we should believe as much as you can, and that’s sufficient for God. But I think he’s talking about one’s faith, not whether the earth is round or flat.

When I read about the flat-earthers coming to NC I was fascinated. Too bad the conference is already sold out, but I can watch online for $17.

The reaction by my breakfast group to this news was curiosity and wonderment, but I noticed no one felt threatened or in danger. Why is that? Why do people fear and feel threatened by other religions, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, but not by flat-earthers? Maybe it is because flat-earthers are so far out there in their beliefs we aren’t worried that one of our children is going to become one or bring one home for dinner, and isn’t that a sad commentary about us all.

I certainly believe the earth is round, well actually more pear shaped. I also believe that the more science teaches us about our world, the more we learn about God and his marvelous creation. And one of the most miraculous parts of that creation is that we are all unique as my friend Ginger reminds us today. Being wrong about the earth’s shape or God, doesn’t make us any more threatening or dangerous. In fact, God loves those who get him or his creation wrong, just as much as those who get it right, if any of us do completely.



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  1. I want to get on Ginger Parras distribution list!

    Love from me and Ellen Parkhurst, both at mentor training for EfM, thinking of you.

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