Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday can be so much fun. Entering the church waving palms, shouting Hallelujah, the music, and the anticipation of the upcoming Holy Week, create a wonderful festive atmosphere. Being a guy who likes happy endings and sappy movies, this is my kind of church service, but then we Episcopalians go and blow it by adding the Passion.

I used to grumble about the placement of the Passion. Why couldn’t we have a separate service where we recited the Passion and shouted “crucify him?” Of course, I wouldn’t attend, but it sure would make the Palm Sunday service a whole lot more fun.

I guess you can tell by now that I am a “lets all get along kind of person.” When we talk about Easter I’d like to just skip the crucifixion and suffering part, and go straight to the rising from the dead, the Hallelujah’s, and the Ham biscuits. I also would be missing the point. Big time.

We miss the point of Easter if we skip the Cross. In fact, Easter is all about the Cross. For the next few days in Holy Week we must take the journey to the cross before we can enjoy Holy Sunday. It is that mountain we must climb before we reach the promised land. Despite my innocent wishes, that is why we must recite the Passion on Palm Sunday.

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  1. Boy do I agree. This new Palm Sunday service skips over a bunch of things that took place between the entry into Jerusalem and the Passion. For example, the chance to reflect on the fickle nature of public adulation and the throwing out of moneychangers from the Temple. Plenty of time to reflect on the trial and crucifixion from Wednesday on..

    1. Luis, wrote me almost the same thing. There is so much in the Bible about those first days in Jerusalem. Thanks and have a wonderful Easter. W.

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