Climb Down

I’ve been away from a keyboard for a few days visiting friends and family in New Orleans. I’ve come away from lots of subject matter for the ‘Pew,’ but before I get to those topics, I will discuss something that is near and dear to my heart.

Luke 19 tells the story of Zacchaeus. As children we are taught and remember his climbing the tree to get a better view of Jesus, and is called down. I think the story is one of the most remembered because there is a little tree climber in all of us. But, as adults the story instructs us on one of the most basic premises of our faith and that is we can turn our life around. It is never too late to get it right.

We are all probably watching the Olympics and see the “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” We bemoan the fact that our favorites don’t get a “do over,” but life gives us all second, third, and fourth chances if only we will let it.

The great singer Waylon Jennings tells the story of going to Arizona to get clean, and doing so. I counsel people coming out of prison about second chances, and how anything is possible no matter the hurdles placed in one’s way. One of Suzy’s favorite characters Leonard Nimoy said of his character Dr. Spock that he had to be the guardian of his character when new writers would try to change him.

Each of us is the guardian of our true character. Temptations, hurdles, and others whether well-meaning or otherwise, may try to change us, and often succeed for a short period of time. But Christ taught us it is never too late to climb down from that tree. Your present course of action is not predestined or written on a stone tablet. Your choices determine who you are and who you will become.

Sometimes coming down from a tree takes a leap of faith, but God is always there to cushion your fall, and set you on the right path.

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Webb Hubbell is the former Associate Attorney General of The United States. His novels, When Men Betray, Ginger Snaps, A Game of Inches, The Eighteenth Green, and The East End are published by Beaufort Books and are available online or at your local bookstore. When Men Betray won one of the IndieFab awards for best novel in 2014. Ginger Snaps and The Eighteenth Green won the IPPY Awards Gold Medal for best suspense/thriller. His latest, “Light of Day” will be on the bookstands soon.

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